We repair, service, re-gas and carry out anti-bacterial treatment on the air-conditioning system of any make of car or van, so if your air-con is not as cold as it should be, smells or simply doesn't work at all, give us a call.

Be aware:  Bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms can settle in the evaporator of your air-conditioning system.  The evaporator is located under the dashboard and with its dark, damp atmosphere, it offers an ideal place for these pests to multiply.  These pathogens then get into the interior of the vehicle through the ventilation system.  The consequence of this can cause sneezing, coughing, streaming eyes or allergic reactions.  We can treat your car  to remove the unwanted organisms.

Air-con systems usually loose aprroximatley 15% of their gas per year and should therefore be serviced every two years, gas loss can be minimised by keeping the system internals lubricated, this only happens when the system is used, so it is important to switch your air-con on al least once a week for 5 minutes or more.  The dry air produced is great for clearing misty windscreens, so air-conditioning is useful all year round.

***  Air-con service  £59.50 inclusive  ***

***  Anti-bacterial treatment  £24 inlcusive  ***    

***  Combined air-con service and anti-bacterial treatment only special offer  £75.00 inclusive.  ***

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