Engine management light

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Has the yellow engine management light (EML) come on ?

Most cars these days have a computerised engine management system, which consists of numerous sensors feeding data to a central computer.  It may be that the first time you become aware of this system is when the (usually yellow) EML  lights up on the instrument panel, warning you that the system has detected a fault.  When you refer to your car manual it will say "take vehicle to main agent". This is because they want your custom and not because no-one else can help! 

Coles and Blackwell continually invests in the latest diagnostic equipment, so that in the majority of cases we can "interrogate" your vehicles ECU (electronic control unit) to find what fault codes are stored.  Using these codes we can diagnose the problem and quote you for any necessary repairs.

It may damage your car's catalytic converter if you continue to drive with the light on, so an early diagnosis is important.  Our charges to investigate will be a quarter of that charged by main agents, so please make us your first port of call. 


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