Exhausts and batteries


 Modern emission systems are a vital part of your vehicles' engine management. A defective exhaust system will not only cause greater environmentally damaging gases, but can also significantly increase fuel consumption.                              


Not only are our prices very competitive but you can rest assured that we will only fit the exhaust parts necessary and nothing more, so if your car only needs a middle section, that is all we will fit. Unlike some "quickfit type" centres we will not find a host of "urgent" repairs that supposedly need repairing before you drive again (a very common ploy).


If you suspect your battery is not up to strength, drop in and while you wait, we will do a computerised test to check the battery and alternator.  Should you need a new battery, we can supply and fit either a budget range battery which start from £29 or a top of the range YUASA or Bosch which have superb performance, are maintenance free and guaranteed against manufacturing faults for life.

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