How much does it cost ?     The MOT test fee (currently £54.85)  is set by the Goverments agency VOSA (Vehicle Operator and Services Agency).    MOT stations may charge less than the full fee at their own discretion but VOSA officials may well view this as a cause for concern and further investigation.          Should your vehicle fail the test, you'll be pleased to know, that that Coles and Blackwell do not charge for a retest.

How long does it take?      We can test whilst you wait, which is usually approximately 50 minutes but most of our customers prefer to leave their car with us in the morning and collect it at lunchtime or when they finish work. 

What vehicles do we test?     We test all petrol and diesel cars and small vans up to 3000 Kg (this group of vehicles are know as Class 4)

When can we do it?     We test Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings (we do not work on bank holidays or Sundays). Although a few days notice is appreciated, we can usually accept a booking for the same day i.e. today.  Please note that you can make a confirmed booking on-line.

A few photo's of some common MOT failure items

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