All makes ( Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental,  Goodyear etc.  plus a large range of medium and budget tyres)  available and usually much cheaper than the quickfits and tyre depots. Our prices include fitting, balancing, new valve, enviromental disposal and VAT. there are no hidden extra's. You do not need to go to town for the best price.  Please call in or phone us for a quote which won't disappoint.

To quote we need the correct tyre size which can be found on the wall of the tyre and typicaly looks like these: 215/55R16 93W or 175/65R14 82T but if you are in any doubt, call in and we'll take the tyre size and make.

We do not use air guns because these can easily over-tighten wheel nuts , instead we tighten by hand to the manufacturers correct torque setting, this takes us longer but means that, should the need arise, you will be able to undo the wheel nuts with the tools supplied with the car.

Puncture repairs

Providing the offending puncture is within the central three quarters of the tread ( i.e. not on the corners or on the wall of the tyre) it is most likely repairable.   Sometimes a deflated tyre is caused by a faulty valve or air leaking out of the bead seal (the seal between tyre and wheel) both are also usually cureable. When we repair a puncture we also fit a new valve, re-bead seal and re-balance the tyre/wheel before refitting back to the car.

Damaged wheels

It is only to easy to sustain damage to your cars wheels on the pothole ridden roads of Buckinghamshire but the good news is that we are now able to offer a repair service for both steel and alloy wheels.  These repairs are much cheaper than having to buy new wheels.  Give us a call.


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